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Prince Jai Aur Dumdaar Viru
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A small town named Suryanagari is ruled by a young prince named Jai. Minister Jeevan is supposed to help young Prince Jai to be a good prince. Instead, the evil-intended minister is constantly conspiring to eliminate the prince and rule the kingdom himself. However, Dumdaar Viru, a loyal friend of Price Jai foils every attempt of Jeevan by combining Viru’s strength and Prince Jai’s astute!
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Prince Jai, heir of Kingdom Suryanagri, is calm in nature and uses his intelligence to defend the kingdom. He loves to spend most of his time at a secret lab in his best buddy, Viru’s house. Together they go crazy and invent cool gadgets in the lab.

Viru, an aam aadmi of Suryanagri, is strong, powerful and courageous. His affection towards the Prince is such that he is fearless about taking on any danger to save Prince Jai from any troubles.

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